We are online business company that selling health and beauty product which good in quality and reasonable in price. You won’t regret to choose our product for your life improvement on health and appearance.

We have best selling item in market ~ SD2 (slimming product which help you slim without hunger) and Alpha lipid (High grade colostrum for body system improvement) from New Image New Zealand.

We also have ‘GREEN FIT’ detox drink to detoxify all the toxin from your body and improve your body imun sytem and improve your skin etc. and ‘BIO SANITARY PAD’ (to prevent our body from cancer) from Avail.

We also have ‘STEVIA SWEET’ natural sugar from stevia leaf which is 0% in calori, fat, sugar, karbohidrat, chemical etc. to control your sugar level in your blood. Giving you energy without giving kalories. Good for diabetes and high blood patient where it improved  insulin system.

Order from us now via online and your good will deliver direct to your place.

Contact us Pn. Norlia Sabran – 019-6282726 /En. Zambri – 019-6567554 or email us at / Or you can go to our facebook page ‘cik nolie health and beauty gallery’ to message us.


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